Homeward Bound

It’s the end of a long, wonderful trip. It actually feels like I’ve been in Italy a lot longer than I have. What an amazing group we had the honor to travel with. It was an honor to create this retreat with Graseilah Coolidge and Karyn Bristol and Virginia and Rodolfo, our wonderful hosts who welcomed us so warmly at Bonsi Villa.

It was an honor for me to create a sacred space for writing at the Villa, and for the last four days to have played together exploring Florence!

I know we’ll be back….when, I don’t know, but this can’t be a forever goodbye.

I’ll be teaching two more retreats this summer in California, taking a sold-out group hiking the Camino de Santiago in Spain in September (time to increase my training. I have a lot of walking to do this summer!).

The next international trip I’ll be offering, a year from now, in June 2024, will be to Bali—a trip focusing on the spiritual and cultural lives of the Balinese with a deep dive into their unique healing arts—with writing to bond us as a group and record the inner and outer journey, of course. That trip will be listed in a couple more weeks. I’m excited to return to Bali—it’s been a lot of years since my last visit and it’s a place I love deeply.

For now, I’m signing off on the official Virtual Vacation blog for Tuscany 2023. Thanks for coming along!

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