Vietnam: Yoga On The Go

One of the most important things helping people stay grounded and in their bodies, coping with jet lag and different foods, new means of transportation and new beds every few nights is Yoga on the Go.

When my partner Karyn said she wanted to come to Vietnam with me, we integrated yoga into our daily schedule. Only we didn’t know exactly where we’d be doing it because yoga studios aren’t exactly a staple in Vietnam and there weren’t any in our hotels. So we knew we’d have to make do and create opportunities for yoga everywhere we went.

We started by sending everyone a little booklet called Yoga On the Go which gave them ten poses they could do while sitting on the airplane for the long flight over . . . ten poses you can do in your airplane seat.

Since then, Karyn, who is an Iyengar teacher, has found places and opportunities to teach yoga. And most of the people on the trip are taking advantage of her classes.

I must say, I do not. While she teaches yoga, I’m usually writing my blog posts for you.

Here are just a couple of the places we’ve done yoga so far:










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