Well It’s Almost a Wrap

Today is the last full day of our retreat in Bali. I’m teaching my last writing class for this group right now—they’re busy writing—and after our final class, the day is free for people to do whatever they want to do with their last hours in Bali. I’m getting a two-hour massage, that includes a Balinese massage, a full body scrub and some kind of flowery bath. It will cost about $30 plus a 100,000 rupiah tip for my masseuse—about 7 dollars.

Tonight, we’ll have a performance of dance and music for the group in the very open-air building where we’re having class now. Tomorrow in the early afternoon, I’ll ride down to the airport with the group to meet my old friend, Eileene, who is flying in from California. She will be part of the group and is also joining me as my companion. When Karyn can’t come, I like having a friend along.

Eileene and I will be heading to Sideman, a small quiet village where I’ve never been before, for several days of rest and relaxation before meeting our second group of travelers five days from now. I only wish I’d taken off a week in between. I’ll know for next time.

The pictures I’m sharing today are from a guided walk a couple of days ago, the day after we went to the waterfall. I love that hike because we got to experience firsthand where coffee, cacao and cloves grow, and we got to see the current stage of the rice harvest.

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