After Diving

This is me after my final three scuba dives of this trip. I’m still drifting on the currents, swimming with schools of fish, watching octopi and bright blue eels poke out of crevices while the most amazing manta rays swoop and glide around me. I hadn’t gone diving in six years and thought maybe I had aged out of the sport. But now all I can think is “when can I dive again?”

I came home, cold and tired and took a hot outdoor shower, and as you can see, I am quenching my thirst with this whole young coconut. I keep thinking, it’s time for me to start preparing for my students to arrive. Shouldn’t I be thinking about my curriculum? shouldn’t I be getting ready? And then I started laughing because being relaxed and present IS getting ready.

our first group tour begins in three days. People will be trickling in early starting tomorrow. I am relaxed and happy and my body feels sensual, alive, and wonderfully physically tired. tomorrow I’m going snorkeling with Nancy to see how the underwater world looks from the surface.

There is nothing to do… Only to be in these tropical breezes on this giant couch, my mind steadily emptying.

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