Bali Bliss

My co-leaders and Bali partners Judy and Surya gifted me with this “aromatic flower bath” at Andre Bali Spa in Manggis. The spa sent a car to pick me up at my hotel and drove me about ten minutes up the road. The treatment started with a foot washing. Then I was taken to a room and given a pair of black underwear wrapped in a small plastic package to put on—this is standard practice everywhere.

The next part of the treatment was a 90-minute Balinese massage (a particular style of local massage) which was heavenly. Then my masseuse scrubbed my entire body with some kind of rough astringent which included turmeric and other Balinese herbs, bringing every inch of my skin fully alive. Then she handed me a sarong to wrap up in and led me to my flower bath. You can see what the tub looked like when I entered the room and when I exited. And how incredibly relaxed I was after this 2.5 hour treatment.

The cost in rupiah was 450,000, about $28, plus a tip.

When traveling, you never know what you’re going to receive when you get a massage. I’ve had massages that have ranged from offensive to boring (someone trained go through a rote series of motions) to sublime. There’s usually very little language in common between you and your masseuse so you can’t ask for what you want, make adjustments, or get an extra cover when you’re cold. You just receive what you are given.

In Bali, I always ask for a seasoned masseuse or get recommendations. Tami, my masseuse last night was strong, experienced, and gifted. I felt so grateful and so deeply relaxed. Such pleasure!

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