Now What?
Life After Cancer
by Laura Davis

My New Art Kit!

I’m enjoying wandering around Madrid during these few preparatory days before the official start of our retreat. I went to the Prado today to drink in art for a few hours with my co-leader Andre. She and Brenda and I are meeting every day to go over last minute details. Our group starts arriving tomorrow […]

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First Walk in Madrid

I arrived at my hotel jetlagged, grubby, and tired (I only let myself sleep 4 hours on the plane to help me adjust to the time zone here). But it was a pleasure to unpack, do a bit of handwashing in the sink, take a shower, step out of my airplane clothes and into shorts

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The Camino Walks You

It’s my last full day at home, time to let go of months of preparation and to embrace the actual experience before me. Regardless of what I hope this experience will be for myself, my two co-leaders, and for the women hiking with us, I have no idea what it actually will be. For instance,

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My Feet

I’ve had the funny experience of going around Santa Cruz the past couple of weeks and when I see people I know, they often greet me with, “So how are your feet?” My first thought is, “How did you know?” But then I realize—oh yeah, I wrote about it! Two weeks ago, when my feet

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Foot Bath. 6 AM.

This morning, I’m soaking my feet in epsom salts and lavender essential oil while reading a terrific book I was gifted for my birthday: The Emerald Mike by Kevin Fedarko, all about the history of the Grand Canyon and the river guides who run it. And the politics of dam building and conservation and a

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Homeward Bound

It’s the end of a long, wonderful trip. It actually feels like I’ve been in Italy a lot longer than I have. What an amazing group we had the honor to travel with. It was an honor to create this retreat with Graseilah Coolidge and Karyn Bristol and Virginia and Rodolfo, our wonderful hosts who

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The Last Full Day at the Villa

I’m going to miss these meals—today is our last full day at the Villa. We transfer back to Florence tomorrow. 10 of us will be doing an in-depth tour of Florence for four days. Everyone else flies home or goes on to other destinations tomorrow. This is the very beginning of olives-the flowers are coming

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Doorway Man

Yesterday, because we had an all-day outing to Lucca, we didn’t have time for our usual sit-down writing class, so I gave my students a travel assignment: “While you’re in Lucca, look for a story. Find a moment in your day that you can write about. It can be something you experienced, an interaction you

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Every Day at the Villa

Every day at lunch and dinner, my co-leader Graseilah Coolidge rings a fork on a glass to get everyone’s attention, stands and describes what we’re eating for each course of our three course meal. Here she is introducing the second course of our lunch today. Turn up your volume.

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Writing Prompt at the Villa

We did one of my favorite writing prompts in class this morning, based on this poem: Imperfectionby Elizabeth Carlson I am falling in love with my imperfectionsThe way I never get the sink really clean,forget to check my oil,lose my car in parking lots,miss appointments I have written down,am just a little late. I am

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