Take a Virtual Vacation: Tuscany 2023

In which Laura explores the cultural, historical, and culinary delights of Tuscany with a group of Write, Travel, Transform adventurers for a second time, with an extension journey based in Florence.

Every Day at the Villa

Every day at lunch and dinner, my co-leader Graseilah Coolidge rings a fork on a glass to get everyone’s attention, stands and describes what we’re eating for each course of our three course meal. Here she is introducing the second course of our lunch today. Turn up your volume.

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Doorway Man

Yesterday, because we had an all-day outing to Lucca, we didn’t have time for our usual sit-down writing class, so I gave my students a travel assignment: “While you’re in Lucca, look for a story. Find a moment in your day that you can write about. It can be something you experienced, an interaction you

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The Last Full Day at the Villa

I’m going to miss these meals—today is our last full day at the Villa. We transfer back to Florence tomorrow. 10 of us will be doing an in-depth tour of Florence for four days. Everyone else flies home or goes on to other destinations tomorrow. This is the very beginning of olives-the flowers are coming

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Homeward Bound

It’s the end of a long, wonderful trip. It actually feels like I’ve been in Italy a lot longer than I have. What an amazing group we had the honor to travel with. It was an honor to create this retreat with Graseilah Coolidge and Karyn Bristol and Virginia and Rodolfo, our wonderful hosts who

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