Take a Virtual Vacation: Serbia

In which Laura leads a workshop at the Incest Trauma Center.

On My Way from Lebanon to Serbia

It’s 5:55 AM, Beirut time, and I’m finally settled at the gate, waiting for my 7:10 flight to Istanbul. From there, I’ll catch an afternoon flight to Belgrade. Even though all airports are basically the same, I’m looking forward to walking around the Istanbul airport during my four-hour layover. Everywhere in the world, big airports […]

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Arriving In Belgrade

Back in the Istanbul airport (I learned this was a “lesser” airport for connecting flights—not the main Istanbul airport at all), when they finally posted the gate for my flight to Belgrade, I made my way there and sat on one of the hardest waiting room seats I’d ever sat upon. I picked up the

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A Crazy Serbian Stag Party?

Last night, I had dinner with four of my new colleagues from the Incest Trauma Center at an outdoor restaurant on a long esplanade full of other packed little restaurants. I ate some kind of delicious spicy Serbian sausage and a small salad. I couldn’t believe the size of the meat portions–talk about Super Size

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Strolling the Danube

I first heard about the Danube River when my father played one of his favorite records on our old turntable—the one with the arm bent like an elbow that released the disc onto the base in order to play it. It was the Blue Danube Waltz by Johann Strauss. That music would float up into

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I Scream for Ice Cream

Ever since I’ve arrived in Belgrade, the women of the Incest Resource Center have taken exquisite care of me. They have fed me, filled my mind and heart with stories, introduced me to their food, drinks, and culture and walked me all around their beautiful city. They’ve answered my endless questions (yes, I did have

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Time is Relative

Of course, as a responsible teacher, I get to my classroom at least fifteen minutes before we’re supposed to start. I want to have the room set up to welcome the students and I like a little time to ground myself and review what I’m going to do. This morning, when I walked into our

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Last Night Celebration

We had dinner and wine and live local music for our last night–and a tour of the winery. There was a lot of singing and dancing to the local music, especially as the night went on in the wineglasses emptied. Here’s a taste of the music:

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