Take a Virtual Vacation: Writing as a Pathway

Deep Dive into Writing

I’m sitting in our retreat room in Seminar House at Mount Madonna. It is dusk and the sound of wild turkeys is rising over the deck through the open sliding glass doors on the back wall of our meeting room. The sound of crickets fills the air and as the sun sets, a pink glow […]

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A Living Altar

One of the things I love most that Evelyn brings to our writing through grief retreat is the living altar she creates and tends. Each day it changes; every day it evolves. People are invited to add things they find in nature and to place an item on the altar that represents a loss they’re

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Food at Commonweal

Writing as a Pathway: Farewell

After last night’s celebration and Claire’s wonderful chocolate cake, it’s finally the last morning of the Writing as a Pathway Through Grief, Loss, Transformation and Change retreat. And what I see around me is laughter, hugging, connecting and yes, some tears. The tough part of a retreat is always when it’s over. So we always

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Behind the Scenes: Getting Ready for a Writing Retreat: Overplan, Then Let Go

Over the past two weeks, Evelyn and I have sat and talked through the different phases of our upcoming retreat. We’ve reviewed the three sections of the retreat that I first developed with my friend and colleague Nancy London: Grieving, Uncertainty, and Transformation, the rough stages involved in integrating major life changes. During the first

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