Commonweal: Farewell

After last night’s celebration and Claire’s wonderful chocolate cake, it’s finally the last morning of the Writing as a Pathway Through Grief, Loss, Transformation and Change retreat. And what I see around me is laughter, hugging, connecting and yes, some tears. The tough part of a retreat is always when it’s over. So we always …

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Commonweal: Celebration

In our last full morning of the retreat today, we started what would be a day of integration and celebration. We wrote about where we were heading–and how–and we expressed our gratitude. Tonight we are having a party and sharing the culmination of our week’s work together. The was the poem I read for one …

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Commonweal: Transformation

This morning I led everyone on a long guided meditation where they went on a journey and received a gift they needed to move forward in their lives. The writings that emerged were powerful and strong. I told everyone in the workshop how proud I was of where they started on Day 1 and where …

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Commonweal: Arrival

It takes 3 hours to drive to Commonweal from my front door. It’s a beautiful drive really and Nancy and I alternated between talk and silence on the road heading up here. But every time I turn onto Mesa Road, where a huge bow of eucalyptus line the road, I go silent. That last mile …

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